Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Cheyenne is the youngest of us. She turned one on January 5, 2007. Mom calls her the blonde bimbo because, well, she's a blonde. She isn't really a bimbo, though, just really, really shy. She takes awhile to warm up to people and other dogs. She didn't like me when I first got here, but now she's my wrestling partner! She really likes wrestling with me, and playing chase. She's also the smallest of us. She's a Chow/coyote mix that Dad found for Mom. Somebody was at WalMart giving away puppies, and Dad knew that Mom would love her, so he brought her home. He was right! She likes playing with me, but her favorite thing is cuddling with Mom, which is kind of a pain, because she keeps getting in Mom's lap, and that's my spot!

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