Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This is my new family, who I love very much, even though I think the humans are weird. I mean, they walk on only two legs, which is impractical. It makes them slow. And they wear something called clothes, because they don't have fur. Very strange. But anyway, this is all of us. Mom's name is Stacy, Dad's name is Troy, and their pup is Avalon. Mom likes to cuddle with us a lot, and even lets us sleep with her in her bed. Avi likes to play with us, but she's still learning how. She isn't even two yet. So Mom is still teaching her how to play with us without hurting us. She knows how to pet us though, and she tries to help Mom groom me, which I hate. And Dad, well, I'm still shy with Dad. He has a man-voice, which scares me, even though he never does anything to hurt me. I'm trying to get used to it. He cuddles with all the girls, but I don't let him cuddle me. Mom thinks maybe I was abused by a man before. I don't remember, really, but I don't really like men much. So, now I've mentioned the humans, on to the dogs. I'm not going to introduce the cat, because he's mean and I don't like him, and Mom won't let me eat him.


Smoky is the oldest of us, and our alpha, and she never lets us forget it! She's the calm old lady, even though she's only going to be four years old. Her birthday is August 29, 2003. Mom got her birthday wrong on Dogster. Oops!

Smoky likes chasing balls and laser pointers. She likes that more than food, which makes her a little weird. Nothing is better than food! Mom's laser pointer broke, though, and we only have Kong balls now, because Smoky's sister Bandit ate all the tennis balls. Well, not actually ate, more like tore them to pieces. She thought it was fun. So Mom doesn't buy tennis balls anymore.

Smoky is almost as big as I am! She's a Lab/Chow mix with pointy ears, like a German Shepherd (don't tell her I said that part). She's a really dark chocolate color with a wide black stripe running down her back. Most people think she is black, until they see her next to Bandit. The chocolate is so dark you can't really tell there is a black stripe unless you look really closely. She's very pretty.

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Bandit is one of my new older sisters. She's Smoky's littermate, but a few minutes younger. She's a hyper girl! She loves to wrestle and roughhouse and run. She's the one that ate all of Smoky's tennis balls. Now she likes to eat Avalon's blocks, which makes Mom mad at her. She keeps trying to hide the blocks from Bandit, but Avi keeps taking them out again.

Bandit's all black, with floppy ears. Mom uses her ears and the feel of her fur to tell the difference between her and Smoky in the dark. Bandit's fur is kind of coarse, and Smoky's is really soft, so she can tell. Mom says that even though Bandit is about to be four years old, her brain never kept up with her body, and her brain is more like four months old. I think she's right; Bandit acts more like a puppy than a grownup. But that's not a bad thing, and Mom loves her.

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That's me! I'm a three year old Siberian Husky. Since I was a rescue, no one knew my birthday, so Mom is sharing hers with me. Cool, huh? So my birthday is now March 28, 2004. I like wrestling and running through the house as fast as I can. Mom laughs at me when I do it, but sometimes she yells at me because I knock down our two-leg sister Avalon when I run. I'm a big dog, so maybe Mom should have the rooms and doorways made bigger so I can run without knocking Avi over. I'm the biggest dog in the house, and I'm the only boy! Which is also cool, because I'm surrounded by beautiful girl dogs. All the boy dogs are jealous of me.

I'm also a little bit handicapped. I broke my leg as a pup, and no one took me to the doctor to get it fixed, so it healed up kind of bent. No, it wasn't my new mom that didn't take me. It was bent before she got me. It doesn't hurt, though, and I can run and jump and play even with it bent, so it's okay. The vet says that fixing it now would cause me too much pain. I don't mind it though, 'cuz it doesn't get in the way!

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Cheyenne is the youngest of us. She turned one on January 5, 2007. Mom calls her the blonde bimbo because, well, she's a blonde. She isn't really a bimbo, though, just really, really shy. She takes awhile to warm up to people and other dogs. She didn't like me when I first got here, but now she's my wrestling partner! She really likes wrestling with me, and playing chase. She's also the smallest of us. She's a Chow/coyote mix that Dad found for Mom. Somebody was at WalMart giving away puppies, and Dad knew that Mom would love her, so he brought her home. He was right! She likes playing with me, but her favorite thing is cuddling with Mom, which is kind of a pain, because she keeps getting in Mom's lap, and that's my spot!

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