Tuesday, April 10, 2007


That's me! I'm a three year old Siberian Husky. Since I was a rescue, no one knew my birthday, so Mom is sharing hers with me. Cool, huh? So my birthday is now March 28, 2004. I like wrestling and running through the house as fast as I can. Mom laughs at me when I do it, but sometimes she yells at me because I knock down our two-leg sister Avalon when I run. I'm a big dog, so maybe Mom should have the rooms and doorways made bigger so I can run without knocking Avi over. I'm the biggest dog in the house, and I'm the only boy! Which is also cool, because I'm surrounded by beautiful girl dogs. All the boy dogs are jealous of me.

I'm also a little bit handicapped. I broke my leg as a pup, and no one took me to the doctor to get it fixed, so it healed up kind of bent. No, it wasn't my new mom that didn't take me. It was bent before she got me. It doesn't hurt, though, and I can run and jump and play even with it bent, so it's okay. The vet says that fixing it now would cause me too much pain. I don't mind it though, 'cuz it doesn't get in the way!

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