Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This is my new family, who I love very much, even though I think the humans are weird. I mean, they walk on only two legs, which is impractical. It makes them slow. And they wear something called clothes, because they don't have fur. Very strange. But anyway, this is all of us. Mom's name is Stacy, Dad's name is Troy, and their pup is Avalon. Mom likes to cuddle with us a lot, and even lets us sleep with her in her bed. Avi likes to play with us, but she's still learning how. She isn't even two yet. So Mom is still teaching her how to play with us without hurting us. She knows how to pet us though, and she tries to help Mom groom me, which I hate. And Dad, well, I'm still shy with Dad. He has a man-voice, which scares me, even though he never does anything to hurt me. I'm trying to get used to it. He cuddles with all the girls, but I don't let him cuddle me. Mom thinks maybe I was abused by a man before. I don't remember, really, but I don't really like men much. So, now I've mentioned the humans, on to the dogs. I'm not going to introduce the cat, because he's mean and I don't like him, and Mom won't let me eat him.

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