Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Smoky is the oldest of us, and our alpha, and she never lets us forget it! She's the calm old lady, even though she's only going to be four years old. Her birthday is August 29, 2003. Mom got her birthday wrong on Dogster. Oops!

Smoky likes chasing balls and laser pointers. She likes that more than food, which makes her a little weird. Nothing is better than food! Mom's laser pointer broke, though, and we only have Kong balls now, because Smoky's sister Bandit ate all the tennis balls. Well, not actually ate, more like tore them to pieces. She thought it was fun. So Mom doesn't buy tennis balls anymore.

Smoky is almost as big as I am! She's a Lab/Chow mix with pointy ears, like a German Shepherd (don't tell her I said that part). She's a really dark chocolate color with a wide black stripe running down her back. Most people think she is black, until they see her next to Bandit. The chocolate is so dark you can't really tell there is a black stripe unless you look really closely. She's very pretty.

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