Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Bandit is one of my new older sisters. She's Smoky's littermate, but a few minutes younger. She's a hyper girl! She loves to wrestle and roughhouse and run. She's the one that ate all of Smoky's tennis balls. Now she likes to eat Avalon's blocks, which makes Mom mad at her. She keeps trying to hide the blocks from Bandit, but Avi keeps taking them out again.

Bandit's all black, with floppy ears. Mom uses her ears and the feel of her fur to tell the difference between her and Smoky in the dark. Bandit's fur is kind of coarse, and Smoky's is really soft, so she can tell. Mom says that even though Bandit is about to be four years old, her brain never kept up with her body, and her brain is more like four months old. I think she's right; Bandit acts more like a puppy than a grownup. But that's not a bad thing, and Mom loves her.

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